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How we beat the Baltic Beast

Kids love snow and so if you have little ones, or perhaps if you are tired of working from home, February’s snow may have come as a refreshing distraction from monotonous homeschooling and work. But while others were out playing, the cold may have also come as an unwanted disruption to some services and storm Darcy took no prisoners. At Bizzy Lizzy, we didn’t let a bit of snow get in our way.

When the beast struck

Travelling down from Scotland and Yorkshire, the beast battered the entire east side of Britain from the 5th to the 10th of February, hitting Kent with sub-zero temperatures and up to 20cm of snow overnight. By the 8th of February, an amber warning of ‘blizzard conditions’ was announced with up to 30cm of snow accumulating in the Kent and North Downs.

Despite the fact that only people on essential journeys were travelling, the AA reported having to deal with over 12,000 breakdowns on Monday the 8th alone. In Kent, the A229 was closed in both directions, near Blue Bell Hill, following a three-car crash caused by black ice and Southeastern Railway announced that it would be closing the Dover Priory services to Ramsgate, Faversham, Hastings and Tonbridge after rail issues struck. Across the U.K. around 113 flood warnings or alerts were issued and even got to the point where Swale, Folkestone, Maidstone and Canterbury County Councils had to delay bin collections over fears for their drivers’ safety.

Bizzy Lizzy fights back

Despite all these disruptions, we are proud to say that we managed to reach all but two of our clients and here’s how:

1. Our fleet of vans: our vans are all professional, reliable and regularly serviced. We take no risks regarding the safety of our staff and do everything in our power to ensure we never compromise the reliability of our service. Storm Darcy was a cruel mistress, but we are glad to say that our vans were able to withstand everything she threw at them!

2. Our professional staff: what many people don’t know about cleaning services is that the majority of companies employ their staff on a freelance basis. We find that this, through no fault of the employees, creates a lack of commitment, resulting in many freelancers opting out of work during snow days, preferring to go tobogganing with the kids. Our staff are fully employed by us and therefore pride themselves in wholeheartedly upholding the level of professionalism in every service that they offer. It is for this reason that they were determined to get to our client’s homes even despite the weather.

We are so incredibly proud of all our staff and the hard work that they put into maintaining the utmost professionalism and determination through the harsh weather and look forward to sunnier days ahead.

To find out more about how Bizzy Lizzy's Cleaning Co. can help your home sparkle and shine, get in touch.

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