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Update – 20th January 2021
Please be advised, we will be reopening on Monday 1st Feb with strict policies in place. All previous measures will be adhered to as we continue to follow government guidelines. This includes:

- Maintaining social distancing (keep at least 2 meters distance).
- Carrying and frequently using alcohol-based hand rub.
- Regularly sanitising all mobile devices, keys and all other frequently-used items.
- Wearing PPE.
- Washing and disinfecting working shoes and clothes daily.
- Using overshoes when entering customer properties.
- Sealing and securely disposing of all used cleaning materials.
- Disinfecting all tools and equipment used for any job.

In addition to this we will be carrying out weekly temperature checks and covid testing, and completing a checklist with every customer before we enter the property.

For the latest government guidelines on working in other people's homes, please visit this link
Update – 5th January 2021
In light of the recent government announcement, we have made the decision to close Bizzy Lizzy's for a minimum of 2 weeks. Despite the fact we are allowed to remain open, it's of paramount importance to us to ensure the safety of our customers and staff members, and we feel this is the best course of action. We will, of course, be keeping an eye on any further government updates and will review our decision at a later date. Thank you to all our customers for your continued support.
Update – 20th December 2020
We want to let our customers know we are still open, and will continue to deliver cleaning services during Tier 4 restrictions. We will continue to follow the government guidelines, and our highest priority is always to keep our customers and staff members safe. We have taken all necessary measures in order to continue delivering our services in the safest way possible by:

- Maintain social distancing (keep at least 2 meters distance).
- Carry and frequently use alcohol-based hand rub.
- Regularly sanitise all mobile devices, keys and all other frequently-used items.
- Wear PPE.
- Wash and disinfect working shoes and clothes daily.
- Use overshoes when entering customer properties.
- Seal and securely dispose of all used cleaning materials.
- Disinfect all tools and equipment used for any job.

Visit this link for further information -

Update – 2 November 2020
Due to the new lockdown rules and regulations starting Thursday 5th November, we will be continuing to operate as normal. We will also continue to stringently adhere to all Government Guidelines relating to Covid-19.
Please refer to the following link for further information:
Update – 6 October 2020
Any of our cleaning operatives and/or office staff who travel outside of the UK, are expected to follow the FCO Travel Advice and Government Guidelines by self isolating upon their return if coming from a country where the UK requires it.
Update – 3 August 2020
Please click the following link to see the up-to-date government guidelines regarding Covid-19. We make every effort to keep updated on these guidelines and constantly adhere to whatever guidance the government publishes:
Update – 6 May 2020

We are delighted to inform all our clients that we will resume cleaning services from Thursday 14th May.

The resumption of services follows the publication by the Government on 4th May 2020 that a “tradesperson carrying out other work in a home such as cleaning is allowed to work, providing that they have no symptoms”. Please find a link to the official Government publication below:

The health and safety of you, your family and our team of cleaners are at the core of how we work, which is why we have created new guidelines and procedures reflecting Government requirements and industry best practice in response to COVID-19. Please see the section below on how we are protecting our customers and colleagues.

Finally, as we begin to resume services it may take a little longer than usual to return to ‘normal’ scheduling, please do bear with the team over the coming weeks as we begin to re-book appointments.

Thank you for your understanding and support from all of us at Bizzy Lizzys.

Please keep safe and well and see you all soon.

We protect our customers

Our customers' well-being has always been our utmost priority. Summarised below and under the following section (We protect our colleagues), we outline the measures implemented:

  • We feel responsible: We are checking the wellbeing of our Cleaning and Office staff daily, and we are providing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as disposable gloves, disposable masks, disposable apons, disposable shoe covers and most importantly cloths are NEVER used in more than one property. Once a clean is completed all these items are put into a bag, sealed and brought back to our office to either be disposed or thoroughly laundered. This is not a new policy it has always been our policy.

  • Daily body temperature checks: Every morning before work commences, all staff will have their temperature checked and logged. Should they have a raised temperature or any other symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness, they will be sent home to rest and recuperate.

  • We set restrictions: All our Cleaners and Office staff who will remain active have not travelled outside of the UK within the past two months.

  • We have suspended cash and cheque payments: We don't want to exchange cash and cheques as it increases the risk of contamination. Only on-line payments / transfers are permissible.

  • Customer interaction: We’ve instructed all staff to keep customer interaction to a minimum, including adhering to the minimum distance requirements, maintaining the continuity of cleaning teams for customers and requesting customers to situate themselves in a different room to the cleaning team.

  • Ventilation: We understand the importance of maintaining ventilation and therefore where appropriate we will keep windows open during our service.

We protect our colleagues

In addition to the measures outlined above, our colleagues will follow all guidelines and procedures issued by the Government, which includes:

  • Carry and frequently use sanitising hand gel / rub;

  • Regularly sanitise frequently-used items, including within the company vehicles;

  • Wear protective equipment as outlined in the section above;

  • Wash and disinfect working shoes and clothes on a daily basis;

  • Use new disposal overshoes inside each property;

  • Seal and securely dispose of all used cleaning materials;

  • Disinfects all tools and equipment that have been used;

We are also asking every customer to confirm that there haven’t been any positive cases of  COVID-19 at the property, the property is not under official quarantine or anyone residing in the property has symptoms of COVID-19.

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